Visual Dreaming would like to pay our respect and acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the Land, Rivers and Seas. We acknowledge and pay our respect to the Elders, both past and present of the Wiradjuri nation and all nations

For thousands of years, our Elders guided our young people, and because of past government policies, there's been a disconnect. Because of that, our youth are suffering.

Our youth need to have a dream, a vision and a community around them to help them overcome all of their challenges.

So, in Visual Dreaming, we're creating a grassroots solution to heal the past and empower our youth to be the future leaders of tomorrow and close the gap for equality.

The Visual Dreaming App is supporting youth to improve their wellbeing, by connecting with people, place and lessons learned over thousands of years.

We do this by using social network technology with traditional cultural mentorship techniques.

Our platform allows users to hand pick who they want to work with, affording them mentors who are not only uniquely equipped to help user meet their goals, but
whom they trust to do so.

2022 memberships 10,000 members

Our goal in Visual Dreaming is to have 10,000 Dream Team members across the world to support us to put a end to youth suicide. WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT! Many of our young people feel lost. Every connection makes them stronger. For too long our indigenous youth have been disconnected from their culture, their history and community. Support our movement, become a Dream Team member and join our community.

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Empowering youth to achieve their dreams.

  • Visual Dreaming Launch

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Visual Dreaming Launch


Quotes from speakers at the Visual Dreaming App Launch, September 18th 2020.

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We are Supply Nation certified

Visual Dreaming is an Indigenous business that is Indigenous owned and operated.

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