Leanne Sanders awarded 2017 Murrumbidgee Health Awards

Promoting healthy lifestyle
Murrumbidgee and Southern NSW Local Health District
Wathchya Gunna Do? Youth vaccine hip hop video
Wathchya Gunna Do? Youth vaccine hip hop video was created in an effort to address this issue of immunisation rates of Aboriginal students receiving their high school vaccines which was considerably lower than non-Aboriginal students in NSW.
After consultation with elders, community, students, Aboriginal medical services and Aboriginal education officers it appeared there was a lack of awareness of vaccine preventable diseases and immunisation. The development of the hip hop video was aimed at increasing high school student’s awareness of vaccine preventable diseases and the importance of immunisation, via a media students can relate too.
The video has received positive feedback from communities and elders nationally, indicating the music video has created
a positive community discussion about immunisation. The youth are educating other students and community about immunisation, which closes the gap for future in improving the overall Aboriginal health.



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