Sheeo podcast with Vicki Saunders, Connection to Country with Leanne Sanders of Visual Dreaming

“I’ve heard so many no’s. So many no’s, because it’s not the normal business model and evidence of best practice is a really big thing when it comes to funding and stuff. And for me, it’s like, well I’m working with elders and I have over 60,000 years of cultural knowledge, we know what’s best practice.

— Leanne Sanders, founder of Visual Dreaming

 In this episode

Meet new SheEO Venture Visual Dreaming! Founder Leanne Sanders joins Vicki Saunders to talk about her app Visual Dreaming, and what led her to this journey and goal of creating a better life for future generations.

 They also discuss:

  • The need for better ways to support people with mental health
  • Her personal stories and motivations of why we need to transform how we engage
  • Using cultural practices to connect care
  • The importance of connection to country
  • Shifts since COVID, and reframing how we look after each other
  • New features of the app and what’s to come
  • Challenges of finding a values-aligned revenue model

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