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Visual Dreaming is a social enterprise creating a movement where we all connect and care for each other as one.

For too long many of our indigenous youth have been disconnected from their culture, their history, and community.

The fracturing of these important cultural and spiritual ties has left many feeling lost, and when combined with the increasing mental health struggles many young people face, the need for support has never been greater.

At Visual Dreaming, we’re capturing the lessons learned over thousands of years, rebuilding community, and capturing the most powerful stories, to help young people who feel lost, find their way to happiness, health, and wellbeing.



We are not a non for profit or the usual business model we are community building a community to all come together and make a bigger change. Suicide is preventable if we all collaborate and do it together. 

$50 YEAR WITH 10,000 MEMBERS 2022

 We want to restore the health and wellbeing of current and future generations by giving them greater access to their past, their people, and their sense of place.

    • Joining the movement to decrease Indigenous youth suicide 
    • Support a grass-root female-led indigenous business creating a digital solution to put an end to suicide. 
    • Newsletters including updates and progress
    • Exclusive logo to be used for your own promotion 
    • Invites to Visual Dreaming events 
    • Hire an Indigenous film producer  
    • Develop digital content with Elders 
    • Establish Indigenous Leadership camps and programs with Elders and Youth.