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Visual Dreaming Dreamer Journey


The Dreamer is the user of the app who has a dream, goals or a vision they want to work towards and achieve whether they be short term and/or long term goals.


Dream team

A Dream team is your selected choice of individuals who can support you on your Dreaming Journey. Dream Teams can consist of  people with specific strengths and excel in certain areas who can help individuals build skills and knowledge in specific areas from cultural practices such as cultural dances and songs, weaving, art, traditional landscapes, fauna and flora to mental and physical well being including connection to support with gender identity, support with isolation/isolation, connection to family and kinship, assistance with education and employment to everyday skills like cooking, home maintenance or even getting your license. Some examples of a dream team can be but not limited to Family, Friends, Co-workers or trusted healthcare workers.


Frequently asked questions


Can I change/update my goals? 

 Yes, you can change/update your goals at anytime by clicking on the drop down menu and selecting ‘Change my goals’.


Can I message my dream team on the App?

 Yes, you can message your dream team on the app at anytime, on the home screen there is a message option at the bottom menu of the screen.


Can i add my own goals?

 Yes, once you have gone through the listed goals you have the option of adding your own personal goals at the end of the process.


Can a dreamer also be apart of the Dream team?

 Yes, a Dreamer can also be apart of a Dream Team.