About us

Leanne Sanders is the founder of Visual Dreaming, a First Nations female-led tech company creating a digital solution based on the oldest living culture in the world to enhance well-being through storytelling.

 Our Vision

 At Visual Dreaming, our vision is to provide holistic support and personal guidance by restoring the connections that provide strength and knowledge.

Visual Dreaming is working towards many unmet needs expressed by Elders, communities and service providers. When youth don’t have clear goals they often miss out on services that can support them, especially the NDIS.

Our Mission

To create a future based on individual and community visions, give youth the tools to create a positive future, no matter whatever their origin is, by sharing the richness of Aboriginal Spiritual Wellbeing. Create leadership and pride in Aboriginal identity, culture and create self determination to reduce social isolation, mental health, incarceration and most of all suicide.


 Our team