We support and enable your integrated model of healthcare through our purpose-built connected care software platform, Visual Dreaming. Visual Dreaming can be extended to different services, products and target groups. Our platform is shaped by clinical and user feedback, so that you benefit from the experience. The app benefits individuals and any target group by incorporating a motivated environment through visual-goal setting and a connection to culture and overall wellbeing. 

Our services support improved cultural competency of providers of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders (especially general practices) and encourage participation in closing the gap initiatives. Visual Dreaming software allows general practitioners, allied health, caseworkers, managers, clinicians, specialists, community workers, and other stakeholders with the appropriate authorization, to understand easily and quickly who is engaged with families, as well as how and what level of engagement they have. 

Organisations and schools 

Through licensing of the Visual Dreaming app we will provide mentoring to a target group of individuals to be goal-oriented and inspired. Visual Dreaming will provide services to assist goal-setting and connect individuals with suitable mentors when applicable.

Visual Dreaming places high importance on the wellbeing and spiritual health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, therefor we provide the connections and opportunities for individuals to participate in cultural practises and provide connection to culture. This allows individuals to improve their overall health and enhances wellbeing.

Goal-setting workshops

We are experienced and offer workshops to empower communities and organisations to:

  • Identify individual goals
  •  Understand the benefits of goal setting and vision boards
  • Create personalised and/or team vision boards
  • Identify "Dream Team" champions to bring your dreams to life

Visual Dreaming can provide 10 vision boards for use during the session (must be returned).

    National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) 

    Visual Dreaming has many of years of experience in the disability, mental health and NDIS sector.

    Visual Dreaming app aims to engage and support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to understand, access, and participate in the NDIS and negotiate NDIS approved supports. 

    Visual Dreaming harnesses the power of images to break through the cultural divide that often exists between Participants and NDIS providers. The Participant creates or selects images that resonate with them and uses the images to articulate their goals and aspirations.

    Visual Dreaming can help Participants and providers to collaboratively build storyboards, creating a visual “path forward” or a road map for what supports are needed and how they link with identified goals. 

    Service providers 

    License the Visual Dreaming app at your organisation to empower your consumer to engage with their mentors and the wider community.

    Visual Dreaming facilitates access to culturally safe, person-centred, self-directed experiences in social and health settings. Furthermore, it is goal and solution-focused for ease of monitoring and communication during care assessment, care planning, review care plan and monitoring.

    Visual Dreaming will offer 1 on 1 services to assess clients plan and ensure it is on track. Your consumer will get access to My story function to make services more accessible and an easier process for all.

      General practitioners 

      The My Story Software is developed on the Visual Dreaming application as well as a web-form format for general practitioners use. This function is used to make services accessible for patients and prevent trauma when seeking help for health issues. Visual Dreaming will work closely with all ATSI patients to ensure their plan is on track and medical assistance is a smooth process. We will conduct a cultural awareness check to ensure your practise is culturally safe and create awareness and education around Closing The Gap.

      Our My Story function supports health consumers with a better understanding of the benefit's and services they can access under the Closing The Gap scheme.

      The Visual Dreaming is beneficial for general practitioners with;

      •  electronic records self-directed by the user
      • user/patient administered consents to share information with clinicians 
      • generation of Business Intelligence Reports – including Aboriginality status, gender identification, mental health medical history and medication
      • support patients with informed decisions and improved care
      • support patients implementation of care plans
      • support with delivery of integrated team-based care with allied and other health service providers

      If interested in any of our services please contact us on 0404 596 791 or